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Krysia’s 100th birthday and the National Independence Day

On November 11, we celebrated the National Independence Day of Poland. At the Life Senior Home, we also celebrated the birthday – Mrs. Krysia, who just ended her 100th birthday.

Such a beautiful jubilee requires an appropriate setting, which is why we organized a small party for our birthday girl. We wanted Mrs. Krysia to be able to spend this festive moment safely in these difficult times, enjoying the presence of her loved ones. There were moments of memories, moments of laughter and tears. Our birthday girl received lots of wishes, flowers and wonderful gifts from family, friends and all DS Life staff.

We would also like to thank the City of Gdynia for remembering about Mrs. Krysia, for flowers and a gift. We are very pleased.

Mrs. Krysia is a great person and despite her old age she is in great shape. We are glad that she is with us and wish everyone such health.

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