Placówka działa całodobowo
Dla osób w pobycie dziennym
700 – 1700
800 – 1600

81-578 Gdynia
ul. Wiczlińska 40A

Autumn 2022

Autumn activities activities

Physical activity of the elderly is the basis of their health and well-being, so it is very important to constantly motivate them to spend time creatively and actively, especially now when there are cold and short days that are not conducive to maintaining good shape and immunity. At the Life Seniors Home, we make every effort to ensure that taking care of health and internal balance, or exercising memory, is a daily routine.

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    Z uwagi na wejście nowych przepisów o ochronie danych osobowych, przygotowaliśmy informator o realizowanej polityce prywatności, który znajdziesz tutaj.
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